10 pcs Olo Condom

Hyaluronic acid advantages: Hyaluronic acid condoms without silicone oil, hyaluronic acid small molecule moisturizing nourishing performance to improve times, hyaluronic acid PH values closer to the human body will not damage the health of private parts, simple flushing that is clean without repeated cleaning
Long-lasting lubrication: Persistent lubrication lubrication, comfortable experience, refusal to dry and pain, adding sufficient lubricant, easy to clean non-sticky, smooth and clean
Vanilla flavor: Do not let all the fun destructed by the taste of industrial rubber that ordinary condoms emit. Long-lasting vanilla flavors will delight your senses, increase sexual pleasure and experience
Thin thickness: An upgraded version of the thin hyaluronic acid condom will make you feel like you are not wearing the condom, so feel more keen, enjoy more exciting sex
Advanced non-toxic latex: Commitment to the use of high-quality latex, after more than 30 times refined to improve latex flexibility and ductility. Soft rubber ring, easy to wear and comfortable to restore the skin touch. We will give you a smooth, thin, soft condom, so you get a very good feeling

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It feels thin as if not worn:
The upgraded version of the OLO 001 thin hyaluronic acid condom, refused to numb sluggish, so feel more keen, enjoy a more exciting sex.
Hyaluronic Condom Features:
Feel better: Thin design allows both closer together to enjoy the feeling of excitement
Strong lock water: Lubrication moist run-in comfort, there is no obstacle
Easy to clean: Only a flush, more convenient and sanitary, without repeated cleaning
Basic data
Type: Hyaluronic acid
Diameter: 52mm 2mm
Length: ≥160mm
Reservoir tip: 15mm
Thickness: 0.01-0.03mm
Color: Natural
Flavor: Vanilla
Material: Latex
Quantity: 10


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