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Adult Toy Wars: Dildo vs Vibrator

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sex toys but there is tasteful preference! Here, we’re breaking down bits about the most

hands holding sex toys

Beginner Sex Toys Under P500

If you’re thinking of exploring with pleasure toys for yourself and maybe with your partner, you may want to start with affordable ones first. Since

Your Go-to Vibrators Under P500

Did you know that there are vibrators under P500? Yes, you read that right! Wanting to try on adult toys doesn’t have to be fancy

7 Ideas For Your Sex Bucket List

Let’s kick off the love month of February with some ideas to spice up your sex bucket list, shall we? These ideas are not just

6 Best Things About Masturbating

Boring daw maging single? Wait ’til you read these best things about masturbating! There are so many reasons why being single is awesome. We’ve got

Sensual Gift Guide For Yourself

Hey, ladies, we’ve listed a sensual gift guide for yourself! Your overall wellness may begin during this season of LOVE! When we say overall, that’s

5 Erotic Ways To Pleasure A Woman

Guys,we understand that sometimes you need to decode a riddle to help your woman achieve a veritable series of orgasmic experiences. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded

How To Safely Use Condoms

We know condoms are used to protect you and your partner, but do you know how to safely use condoms? In this article, we’ll share

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