Your Go-to Vibrators Under P500

Did you know that there are vibrators under P500? Yes, you read that right! Wanting to try on adult toys doesn’t have to be fancy shmancy expensive. There are vibrators that do its job at an affordable price. If you’re on a budget and ready to explore your kinks, you have come to the right place! Check out our recommendations and we’re sure, add to cart agad ‘tong vibrators under P500.

1. Mini Olivia (P109)

Let’s begin with an outright inexpensive adult toy that is just around a hundred pesos! Relax and unwind with the mini vibrating massager wand. It may be cheap but it does its job really well. It vibrates with pulsating pleasure. Plus, this battery-operated wand has 3 different interchangeable silicone head attachments for a range of stimulation guaranteed to please!

2. The Princess (P139)

A naughty princess like you need something like this! A vibrating bullet that only costs less than ₱200! With its gem embellishments, it is totally attractive like you, princess! Take this anywhere with you whenever you want a sexy time! Worry not as it is battery-operated!

3. Dolphin Vibe (P76)

If you’re keeping close on a budget, get this Dolphin Vibe which is only less than ₱100! You read that right! Well, it kinda looks like a dolphin but it isn’t as gentle as the animal, it can actually be W-I-L-D! Go wild with this vibrator even when it’s silent vibrating. You know you can say more O-M-G when you’re using this!

4. Yayo Crystal (P215)

Constantly on the look out for vibrators under P500? You can add to cart this Yayo Cristal! Make your sensual evening crystal clear because its vibration speed comes with a defining thick veined penis surface! It looks realisting with the fleshy penis curvatures. A vibrator and dildo in one? Why not, right? This Yayo Cristal is also skin-friendly, so you are sure that there wouldn’t be any skin irritation.

5. Elegant Elsa (P345)

“Let it go… let it go…” Sing it so you can remember that when you use this vibrator, you let go of keeping it together and find that release! This Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg is made by 100% senior medical silicone and is soft and comfortable when you use it. This is probably the classiest of your go-to vibrators under ₱500! The special 6 rings of raised-shaped design increase friction points, that is,more exciting!

6. The Lola (P355)

Repeat after this…”Lo-la”, make it more sexy… “LOW-la”! There you go! Its contours and design will make you insatiable for a night of seductiveness! It has a variety of frequency, silent vibrating and with approx. 5.8 x 1.5cm / 2.28 x 0.59in which makes it very convenient to use! Take note that it is easy as it’s battery-operated as well. Bring it wherever you go!

7. Mua (P485)

Less than ₱500 adult toy?Here we go, second on the list is Mua! With its 9 modes of vibration, you can definitely turn subtle to satisfaction! Oh, have we mentioned that it is, of course; waterproof? Just saying in case you hit the beach real soon!



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