Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Friends

When was the last time you checked a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your friends? While this occasion is known for romantic lovers, it is also a day for expressing love for your friends, too! It’s called the LOVE month di’ba?

Whether your friends are romantic cheeseballs or daring and adventurous, certainly, they would love this selection of gifts!

Valentine’s Day desserts

Sweet treats are a well-known menu item on Valentine’s Day, of course! Surely your bestie would appreciate a thoughtful gift from you and you can never go wrong with this! Head over to a bakeshop on Valentine’s Day and order some love month-approved specialties!

Personalized mugs

Giving a gift for a friend on Valentine’s Day is thoughtful but what’s more surprising is giving them a personalized mug! It is most special when you know their favorite design or you can just pick out a Valentine’s themed mug just to make it more personal and fit for the occasion! This may also be a way of telling him or her that you want more than a casual friendship!

Valentine’s Day card

You might think that this shouldn’t be on your Valentine’s Day gift guide for your friends. Your bestie would tease you about your handwritten notes but he or she would love the thoughtful gift like a Valentine’s Day Card. It is tangible and can be kept for remembrance! Say you are grateful for them and you love them in the most romantic words you can think of! They deserve it and you deserve the gratitude in return!

Wine set

Wine is the best beverage on the special day of February! Any occasion deserves a bottle of wine or more with matching classy wine glasses. Your friend would totally enjoy his or her fun time at night with a sip of good red wine.

Essential lubes

Since it’s Valentine’s Day we cannot overlook the sexy side of the occasion. If your friend needs some personal reinforcements especially for “down there” then this is your first bet. A subtle pleasurable gift that your friend may discreetly enjoy! These Champagne Style Lubes are very presentable and useful for a sparkly night!

Chili vibrator

Spice things up for a friend’s sex drive by gifting her a naughty Chili Vibrator! It has powerful functions of vibration for strong sensations which is perfect for a sexy single’s night cap on Valentine’s Day!

Shirley Glass

This insertable is up for grabs for your friend who’s totally not afraid of an intimate session to heat up the night on Valentine’s Day! This lust-worthy gift is designed for sensual comfort and can be heated or cooled for additional and experimental sensations! It already comes with a classy discreet box, perfect to be given as a gift!


For that “friend” that’s one call away for a booty call and you are both into extreme measures to get maximum pleasures especially on Valentine’s Day! To complete our Valentine’s Day gift guide for your friends, let her enjoy this sexy device that is ready for a hands-free clit sucking action! This is waterproof, maybe your friend wants this to be used at the pool?




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