7 Ideas For Your Sex Bucket List

Let’s kick off the love month of February with some ideas to spice up your sex bucket list, shall we? These ideas are not just for couples, there are some that singles can enjoy, too! So, get ready to take your boring and uber conventional life goals to the next level! Your sensual self will thank you!

Get a sensual massage

A relaxing massage signals an enticing sensation. Your nerve endings are touched and if damn feels good. How about enjoying a good round of sensual foot massage? Did you know that you can actually have the big O from foot rubs alone?

Have sex on a pool table

You’ve seen this in the movies, alright, and there is nothing wrong imitating it even just for once in your life! It’s playful, it’s sexy and damn right hardcore, don’t you think it’s a must item on your sex bucket list?

Masturbate while watching Netflix shows

Netflix is full of soft-porn and sensual movies and series. This is for those of you who think that porn is just a little too intense and exaggerated. A few selected scenes can reach your arousal to downright satisfaction. Need examples? How about Bridgerton, Sex/Life (isn’t this so obvi?), 365 Days and well, one of the most popular sexy movies; Fifty Shades of Grey movies. You’re welcome!

Have sex on a boat

We bet you haven’t thought of this yet! Curb the feeling of seasickness with your partner by doing a romantic and sexy hookup on the boat. Get on a cruise ship, rent a yacht or a sailboat then you’re off to a sailing sexcapade!

Add food into your sex sesh

There are many kinds of edible goods you can incorporate in your bedroom during sex. Play with whipped cream, honey, chocolate sauce, ice cream, popsicle or maybe strawberries! Work on a good teasing and enticing with your partner. Run a spoon of ice cream on her/his chest and let the melting goodness trickle down while you lick to catch it. Srlsy, it’s a sweet trip way down!

Explore temperature play

Don’t want the mess of the melting ice? Use metal and glass toys instead! Run them under cold water for added sensation! Run it over your partner’s “hot spots” and then have them do the same to you. Try this Crystal Heart. Made of high-quality Crystal Glass waterproof, hypoallergenic, nonporous, ultra smooth. It can be heated or refrigerated.

Order an adult toy you’ve never tried yet

Think out of the box this time for your sex bucket list. Tick off your sex bucket list one by one with an adventurous spirit! There are many choices in the market, start by comparing the ones you’ve used to ones you haven’t yet! We can give you an example to explore. How about this Heating Cheryl? Leten Lightning Wands boast premium style, high-quality silicone and a rechargeable motor. The cordless Smart Wand offers smooth, soothing vibrations and features a lightweight to give you the ability to twist, tilt and turn it during massage and play.



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