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Beginner Sex Toys Under P500

If you’re thinking of exploring with pleasure toys for yourself and maybe with your partner, you may want to start with affordable ones first. Since you would just be starting this sexy route of adult toys, you should reach for toys that you would like to try first until you’re comfortable. Then, you can do an upgrade soon but for now, this is what you need; beginner sex toys under ₱500.

1. Finger (P189)

Let’s begin with a teaser of the Finger! Experience maximum pleasure with this one as it has 2-in-1 use as a tongue-shaped vibrator or fingertip massager. It is easy to use and it is comfortable to the touch. This tiny toy will make a good starter for you!

2. Love Pair Dice (P76)

You can use this to entice your partner. Have this with some sips of wine in between. Trust us, it will do you both good! Here, you will do a lot of explorations and this won’t make you bored because of the interaction. You’ll be experimenting with sex positions. Spice up your bond with this toy!

3. Crystal Sleeve (P175)

If you’re looking for beginner sex toys under P500 that’s useful for both men and women, this one’s for you! For men, it could be used as an extender. As for women, it could be used with other toys such as Vibrator/Wand/Love Egg/Bullet and more. The shaft of this extension is covered with nubs and bumps which provide fantastic internal stimulation.Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with the 3” extension at the tip, while the ultra-lifelike shaft makes you 50% thicker all around.

4. Athena Wand (P355)

You gotta try a wand that brings magic to your sex life! Athena Wand will do you wonders as it has a high-frequency strong motion motor with ten kinds of vibration mode. It is safely constructed with hypoallergenic silicone for sensual stimulation. Keep this in handy at your nightstand. It is affordable and effective. You cannot go wrong with this.

5. Magic Ring (P36)

For your man, this is a must have if you’re just starting with pleasure toys. This is a good knock off for your beginner sex toys under ₱500! Barrel-style mounted vibrator for intense clit stimulation because not only the guy would enjoy this, the lady, too! Don’t worry because this stretches comfortably to accommodate any size.

6. Big Ben (P155)

No, not all the way from London, honey. We gotchu and it is your new favorite frombeginner sex toys under ₱500! With its thick and squeezable shaft, swollen head and pliable balls, this dildo will take you to new heights even while in bed! The suction cup base will hold tightly against most smooth flat surfaces giving you many ways to get off. The balls provide a solid flat base to anchor the O-ring. Make sure you know how to take care of it, just wash the dildo with warm soapy water after using and airdry!

See, budget won’t be a problem if you want to bring your intimacy and sexual pleasure to the next level! Remember this list of beginner sex toys under P500 before ka mag-add to cart this pay day!



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