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5 Most Asked Questions About Vibrators

Below is a list of five most asked questions about vibrators answered to help you make that big decision! 

What features should you I look for in a vibrator?

This is actually one of the most asked questions about vibrator. You might find yourself thinking about size and shape. You shouldn’t forget the most important thing – what stimulation are you looking for?

Consider smaller vibrators if you’re into clitoral stimulation. Curved wands are designed designed for internal stimulation targeting the  G-spot. There are also vibrators that double duty as an anal stimulator. Aside from personal use, some vibrators are used with your partner as well?

Which materials are the best?

Vibrators comes come in a variety of materials for different reasons. But the material used for a vibrator is very important. Why? You’re putting it inside of you! The most common material used for vibrator is silicone. Silicone is odorless, tasteless, and cannot be used with silicone lube. You may choose between medical-grade silicone like Midoko Waterproof 7 Speed Dual Silicone Vibrator or body-safe silicone like Svakom Cici Flexible Ribbed Slim G-spot Vibrator.

Tip: If you’ll use silicone vibrators internally, we recommend to put an unlubricated condom on it. That way, it’s easier to clean up afterwards. Don’t use lubricated condoms. When the lube reacts with the silicone, it will make your vibrator porous and easier for bacteria to grow.

Plastic is also common in the production of vibrators and other sex toys. Keep an eye out for TPE and TPR, which are nontoxic toys, but porous. They have an odor and a flavor so, put a condom on it. Lubricated condoms are fine for these types of toys.

How do I clean my vibrator?

Every vibrator will come with specific directions. Generally, a mild soap and water will do the trick for most vibrators. Dry it before putting it away in a safe and dry place.

Tip: Be wary of scented or harsh soaps as they can leave residue that has the potential to irritate the sensitive skin on the vulva.

Can you get UTI from your vibrator?

Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, TestCard’s Chief Medical Officer, says the chance of your vibrator causing urinary tract infection are low if they are cleaned properly after each use.

Can vibrators cause yeast infection?

“You can also get a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis from your sex toy,” clinical sexologist Megan Stubbs, EdD. said in a Healthline article. Sometimes this happens because you used a sex toy that a person with bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection used without it being properly cleaned before use.

Now that these most asked questions about vibrators are answered, it’s time to go forth and enjoy!

Still not convinced you should buy yourself a vibrator after most asked question? These health benefits of health benefits of using a vibrator ought to give you the last push!







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