5 Erotic Ways To Pleasure A Woman

Guys,we understand that sometimes you need to decode a riddle to help your woman achieve a veritable series of orgasmic experiences. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up five ways to ways to pleasure your woman and achieve the perfect climax.

Shift into a zoned-out state

We’re not just satisfying a woman here, but you could also enjoy the beginning of an intense sexcapade. Start by channeling both of you at the right headspace. Anything that engages one’s brain can be distracting. Your girl can be a little conscious of her body. Tell her to close her eyes and focus her to shift into a zoned-out state. Cup her breasts, kiss her neck, etc. to make sure to filter out noises in her head.

Sensationalize Afterplay

Every man or woman loves a good foreplay, however, based on 8 Tips to Understand the Opposite Sex written by Dr. Gilda Carle, “If a guy turns over and dozes off, a woman will often feel abandoned.” Play it right on during afterplay especially when you’re in an exclusive relationship or you want to make it exclusive. A little cuddle wouldn’t hurt, really. To most women, sex is not just physical pleasure, but also emotional desire.


Meow! Kidding aside! Try a new angle like Coital Alignment Technique a.k.a. CAT. It is a playful spin on missionary that stimulates a woman’s clitoris during intercourse. Get her in proper fornication formation by lying flat on the back as you press your body against hers, lining up your pelvises, while you thrust in an upward motion (NOT push-pull). This technique makes the man’s pubic bone rub against the woman’s clitoris as both rock hips together.

Compliment is key

One of the erotic ways to pleasure your woman is by telling her how sexy she is. Women love honest compliments! Be verbal as physical as you can be. Express how much you like her to boost her confidence. You may also say erotical things to her like what you want to do with her during your sexual romance.

Stock Your Nightstand

Did you know that a woman can climax or hit the big O one to five times in a single session? Yes! Clitoral stimulation can be intense and sometimes a partner’s hands or mouth wouldn’t be enough to give much pleasure to the woman. That’s why sex toys can be very much handy! Introduce your partner into exploring these accessories to have maximum pleasure for the both of you to enjoy!

Now that you know these erotic ways to pleasure your woman, it’s time to go to the bedroom and enjoy! You’re welcome in advance!







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