5 Benefits of Lubricants That Can Transform You!

Little has been said but there are many benefits of lubricants that we can explore. Let’s face the truth, self care is an investment and that includes the intimate parts. The personal care down there matters and having the best adult toys aren’t enough. Did you know that during the pandemic, the adult toy biz rocketed at 26% from 2019 to 2020, according to New Your Times!

No matter your gender or sexuality, there’s one sexual enhancement we all need–lube!  Here are some benefits of lubricants so you won’t shy away the next time you see them on the counter.

It can give you maximum pleasure

Yes, you get the actual pleasure, but don’t you want to take it up a notch? Using lubricants can transform your pleasure time with your partner! Using it is more pleasurable and you will definitely have a higher chance to hit the big O! Well, not only that, give your partner the best hand jobs with the help of the lube! What can we say? “The wetter, the better,” right?

It can help you achiever healthier and safe sex

Aside from satisfaction for your sensuality, one of the benefits of lubricants is that it can decrease painful friction that gets in the way of all those good feelings. The trusty intimate liquid also reduces the risk of infections like yeast infections especially when you use lubricants with the safest components. Also, since there’s no tearing or breakage of condoms, unwanted pregnancies are avoided.

It can be used with sex toys

Go ahead and smear them over your toys! Sexperts say that when you use adult toys, you can smother the lubricant onto your bullet vibrator to attain more pleasure. With the lube on your vibe tube, sweep it over the perineum during oral or penetrative sex on your partner!

PS.  Don’t use lube with silicone sex toys as they can potentially damage them.

It can Lower the symptoms of perimenopause!

Remember that as a female ages, the tissue of vagina gets thinner. The body produces less estrogen which leads to lesser moisturizing secretions. Meaning? Vaginal drought. This is the stage when a female’s hormonal levels constantly fluctuate and one can experience anxiety, decreased sex drive and hot flushes, even poor sleep. All these points matter to breakdown because of the benefits of using lubricants. Enjoy great sex with a good lube to lower these unfortunate symptoms!

It can be great for solo sex too!

Me time? No toys? No problem! Grab your lube!If you want to have a steamy sesh alone at night but your clammy finger exploring in your underwear is not wet, well, you know what to do! The sensations that you can feel with your partner’s tongue or toys can be done with none other than your fingers. If you use it, make sure to make it hotter and more pleasurable with lubricant! Make it slippier then feel free to explore.

The next you’re having second thoughts of using lube, remember these benefits of lubricants that can give you mind-blowing time in bed.








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