Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

A woman would always have many kinds of “firsts” just like a bachelorette party wherein it may be her first time to receive a naughty gift or even fun items to add sexy flair at the party! If you want to surprise your bestie, why not go on an extra mile to tease her with these fun bachelorette party ideas!

Dicky Glass

          Bachelorette party ideas would not be complete without a “replica” of the “stick”! Plus, it is totally functional. The glass material is borosilicate glass, it is seamless and transparent. Fill it up with your favorite juice or cocktail and have a fun night!

Ring Toss Dicky

          Here’s a fun novelty party game! Shoot the ferrule on the penis! It’s a fun bonding activity with your girlfriends and totally perfect for bachelorette party games! Also, look at the colorful dick and rings! Exciting, right?

Pecker Plush

          How about an accessory to add on your party dessert table or just let it sit on the bride’s couch? This smiley penis plush toy will surely make everyone smile, too! You know what? It’s too cute, it is also great for giveaways for all the guests of the bachelorette party!

A Year of Sex

This is something you can gift for the bride at her bachelorette party! A Year of Sex-Sexual Position Card Game for Foreplay! It’s an erotic game for the couple to try over 50 different Kama Sutra positions. Each card offers simple technique instructions and a challenge rating of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most challenging. That’s why it is called A Year of Sex because not boring sex positions EVER.

Sweet Bunny

          Here’s another cute and steamy gift for a fun bachelorette party! The Sweet Bunny isn’t only cute but it is powerful because it’s a waterproof pocket vibrator with high vibrations! It’s a naughty gift for the bachelorette! She can carry it wherever and use it whenever she wants to!


          Fun bachelorette party ideas wouldn’t be complete with another naughty gift idea! Popsicle silicone dildo that is shaped like an ice cream popsicle. It is soft to the touch yet provides a firm shaft that is basic and discreet for solo play or with a partner. The silicone shaft can hold the cold for an added element of sensation. Simply put it in the freezer before use!



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